Chili updates W2P and launches PDF renderer

Chili Publish has updated its web to print program with the release of Chili Publisher 5.0. This has a new user experience that works on phones, tablets and computers.

There are new effects such as the ability to add an inner shadow to a frame to create an illusion of depth. A glow effect can be added around the text or frame, and a bevel and emboss effect can be used to create an illusion of relief on text or on a frame. It’s also possible to view special effects in 3D, while Ink varnish, gloss, and gold simulation can all now be viewed in the 3D preview.

Chili Publisher can now show dynamic images from external sources via a “URL feed” in the Chili Editor. So, for example, the new Dynamic Asset provider can be used to create something straightforward like a chart or to create different types of applications such as a customized map to a specific location.

This new version also includes enhanced copy fitting features across multiple non-linked frames. This means the same copy fitting style can be applied to all of the text frames for consistent font sizes throughout the document. It also makes the standalone viewer for 3D folding and 3D models available in HTML.

It includes support for Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian languages for direct creation and editing, with more languages to follow. Output of these documents to PDF and InDesign Mark-Up Language (IDML) is also supported.

In addition to this, Chili also announced Rendro 1.0, a new tool that enables fast, accurate rendering of PDFs that can then be viewed on any device supporting the HTML5 canvas. Chili suggests that not all applications, particularly on mobile devices, accurately show PDFs as their creator intended. Kevin Goeminne, Chili Publish CEO, says: “When files require urgent approval, collaboration or editing, Chili Rendro ensures there are no barriers to success.”

There’s also a 3D module that can show PDF content in actual application scenarios. Chili has developed a JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit) to open it up to other vendors. Chili has already signed up the first OEM deal, to integrate Rendro with Enfocus’ Switch through a new Switch PDF Review Module.

Naturally, all of this will be demonstrated at Drupa.

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