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  • Do-it-yourself Web-to-Print

    Despite the growth of textile printing, there are still very few examples of this sector using web to print software mainly because digital printing is still a very small percentage of the overall textile market and has to fit into the established supply chains.

  • Moonpig plans stock flotation

    Moonpig, which specialises in online greeting cards and gifts, has announced its intention to float on the London Stock Exchange. The key to this business is its use of digital printing and a web-to-print business model for short run and personalised cards. 

  • Cloudprinter takes the Express

    Cloudprinter, which offers a web-to-print service that connects customers with print service providers, has launched a new Express service that allows customers to connect directly to its Global Print Cloud but without having to first set up any form of integration.

  • Agfa to release StoreFront 5.3 W2P

    Agfa is getting ready to release the latest versions of its StoreFront web-to-print software with dedicated versions for both its Apogee prepress and Asanti wide format workflows.

  • Tilia Labs partners Aleyant for W2P

    Tilia Labs has teamed up with Aleyant to integrate its Phoenix imposition system into Aleyant’s web-to-print and workflow solutions Pressero and tFlow.

  • Chili Publish raises €2.55m funding

    Chili Publish, which has developed a solution to allow marketing documents to be designed and edited online, has secured €2.55 million in a round of Series A funding from Volta Ventures as well as Pamica and Group MC.

  • Agfa updates StoreFront W2P

    Agfa Graphics has released v4.0 of its cloud-based StoreFront web to print solution, available for both its Apogee prepress and Asanti large format workflows.

  • Cerm to relaunch Web4Labels web to print system

    Cerm is preparing to update its digital shopfront Web4Labels in time for drupa. Cerm has completely re-engineered the existing tool from scratch following feedback from its user group. The new responsive web design will allow it to work across any device from mobile phones to desktop computers.

  • Chili updates W2P and launches PDF renderer

    Chili Publish has updated its web to print program with the release of Chili Publisher 5.0. This has a new user experience that works on phones, tablets and computers.

  • Agfa updates Storefront W2P

    Agfa has updated its Storefront web to print system to v3.1 for both its Apogee and Asanti variants.

  • Chili Publisher updated to v4.5

    Chili Publish has released the latest v4.5 update of its Chili Publisher web to print software.

  • Agfa updates StoreFront W2P

    Agfa Graphics has released StoreFront 3.0, the latest version of its cloud-based web-to-print system. Andy Grant, Head of Software, Agfa Graphics, commented: “With the new releases, we focus more on the business side of web-to-print, enabling printers to create bigger, more efficient stores, operate in larger markets, support electronic document creation and distributions and handle…