Chili updates Publisher to v3.5

Chili Publish has updated its online document editing program, Chili Publisher, to v3.5. There are improvements to the 3D folding tools, which now lets users combine multiple documents and assets in a single 3D model. It’s also easier to visualise 3D objects as users can now move the camera around the object rather than just animating it. The 3D preview, which was an option in the workspace, can now be loaded separately into a web application.
There’s also a new IDML export option that allows users to export CHILI Publisher documents to InDesign Markup Language (IDML), an XML-based format that improves the compatibility of files with a wider range of InDesign versions. Indesign documents can be converted to Chili Publisher and vice versa.
There’s better support for datasources, which let print service providers link documents to a wide range of datasets to create multiple versions with variable content. Users can now search the content of a variable field and preview the shortest, longest or any other record in a dataset. Chili Publisher now supports PDF/VT.

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