Chili signs new partnerships

Chili Publish has teamed up with four new partners – Significans Automation, Ink-IT Digital, Apago and PrintIQ – as it positions its new Universal Graphics Engine as disruptive technology in the design, print and packaging markets.

Chili Publish relies on templates to automate the handling of graphics assets and publishing.

Significans Automation is a global professional services company that develops custom colour-managed digital production workflows for clients worldwide and will integrate Chili Publisher into the automated workflows it creates for its clients. Marc Raad, president of Significans Automation, predicts that robotics and artificial intelligence will become more widespread in the graphic arts, adding: “Adopting a customized, automated workflow is the best way for service providers to capitalize on this change. Chili Publish and Significans Automation share this vision; that’s why combining our products and approach enables customers to succeed in this new era.” 

Ink-IT Digital has developed a dynamic publishing solution that integrates the WordPress CMS, WooCommerce, an e-commerce platform for WordPress and Chili Publish.

Apago Inc. develops and markets software for the graphic arts and document management industries, including software solutions for the manipulation of PDF, PostScript and other common graphics formats. Apago has developed a collection of ‘widgets’ for the CHILI editor, for handling things such as colours, variable items and proofing, which can be integrated into any web app.

PrintIQ is a web-based print production management system that has worked with Chili Publish to allow customers to quote, order, and track, all from within the same application. 

All of these arrangements build on the Universal Graphics Engine that was announced earlier this year. Essentially, Chili Publish has been adding increasing levels of automation to its software in a bid to enable end users to create and upload their own publications with little or no intervention from anyone else in the production chain. The key to this is to create templates with a user friendly interface.

Kevin Goeminne, CEO at Chili Publish, elaborates: “Whether you’re into data-driven document generation, template-driven packaging customization or digital artwork localization, you need a reliable engine to keep your workflow running like clockwork. Chili Publisher integrates with a broad ecosystem of partner solutions and can be included in just about any marketing automation system. With Chili Publisher as its universal graphics engine, any brand can tackle the market shift, producing tomorrow’s omnichannel communication in a brand-consistent, lights-out, self-servicing win-win manner.”

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