Metal machine

3rd June 2020

Back in 2017, Fujifilm showed off a new B1 sheetfed printer, the Acuity B1, which was developed by Inca Digital and is also sold as the Onset M. I’ve written previously about the potential for industrial printing of this press though surprisingly few companies have talked about actually using it. 

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DGI launches entry-level sublimation printer

2nd June 2020

DGI, which hails from South Korea, has expanded its range of sublimation printers with a new entry-level model, the Hercules, designed to print to transfer papers. It’s primarily aimed at sports and fashion apparel as well as soft signage.

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3D-printed telescope used on ISS

The Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare or INFN), a government funded research centre, has 3D-printed the entire mechanical structure of a first-of-its-kind cosmic UV telescope that’s currently operating from the International Space Station.

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Heidelberg expands home charging system

29th April 2020

Beside the printing presses, Heidelberg has also quietly developed an interesting side line in industrial solutions, including its Wallbox Home Eco charging systems for electric cars. The company has been selling these in Germany for the past two years and has now expanded this to sales across Europe.

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