Tag: PDF

  • Ghent Workgroup addresses small format digital print

    The Ghent Workgroup, or GWG, which develops guidelines and specifications to help printers make better use of PDFs, has released a new specification to cater to the growing small format digital print segment. 

  • Enfocus launches Pitstop 2018

    Enfocus has released the latest version of its PitStop Pro Acrobat plug-in, which is widely used to preflight and correct files for printing.

  • Updates for Callas PDF software

    Callas has updated two of its PDF programs, with the release of PdfToolbox 9.1 and PdfChip 1.2, both of which are free updates for existing customers.

  • ISO to develop new PDF print standard

    The International Standards Organisation is setting up a new task force to develop a PDF standard to guide production workflow decisions, which it hopes will make it possible to describe what a final printed piece is supposed to look like. This is in response to requests from transactional printers to be able to include media selections…

  • New PDF processing from Ghent

    The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) has released a new specification for storing data regarding production processing steps within a PDF file. This can cover things like ink specifications, embossing, and braille. It’s meant to improve productivity and lower production costs.

  • Hybrid develops PDF RoundTrip for packaging

    Hybrid Software has developed a new optional module called RoundTrip for its Packz native PDF editing software, which can work with PDFs from any application including Illustrator.

  • Chili updates W2P and launches PDF renderer

    Chili Publish has updated its web to print program with the release of Chili Publisher 5.0. This has a new user experience that works on phones, tablets and computers.

  • New Ghent white paper on PDF file aggregation

    The Ghent Workgroup, or GWG, has issued a new white paper, PDF Aggregation: What you need to know. This latest resource, written by the GWG’s Jason Lisi, highlights important information on managing problems that can occur when working with various types of PDF documents and elements in a single file that will itself be saved…

  • Callas releases pdfPilot 6

    Callas has updated its pdfPilot to version 6, which is widely used for validating and converting PDF documents. It uses the same PDF/A technology as used by Adobe in Adobe Acrobat.

  • Callas updates pdfToolbox

    Callas has released pdfToolbox 8, the latest version of its all-round PDF utility, which introduces an all-new Object Inspector tool for examination of PDF documents. Users can click on a document to see which objects are used in that location, and examine various properties, such as fonts, colours and transparency of those objects, in order…

  • Enfocus and eCervo partner

    Enfocus is to partner with e-Cervo, which will include Enfocus’ PitStop as an embedded component in the next version of its web-to-print solution, CervoPrint. Currently, PitStop is offered as an option.

  • Adobe builds Document Cloud for Acrobat

    Adobe has extended its cloud services to now include documents, with a new Document Cloud option, designed to maximise the use of its Acrobat software. There’s a new cloud-based version – Acrobat DC – that will be available both via subscription and one-time purchase.