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  • Digital Textiles in India

    Digital Textiles in India

    One of the most striking things about visiting India is just how colourful everything is, from shopfronts and market stalls through to the clothes that people wear out and about.

  • Brother shows powderless DtF

    Brother shows powderless DtF

    Brother has shown off a prototype of a new approach to DtF that takes a completely different approach to just about every other DtF solution.

  • Durst acquires Aleph

    Durst acquires Aleph

    Durst has acquired the Italian company Aleph SrL, which makes textile inks and printers, in a move that should bolster Durst’s capability in this area in terms of manufacturing capability as well as software design and water-based ink experience.

  • Stratasys updates J850 Techstyle

    Stratasys updates J850 Techstyle

    Stratasys took the opportunity of the ITMA textile show to demonstrate a new version of its J850 Techstyle printer, which has switched from mercury lamps to an LED array.

  • EFI Reggiani reveals Bolt XS

    EFI Reggiani reveals Bolt XS

    EFI Reggiani used its presence at the ITMA textile show to announce a new single pass press, the Bolt XS, and to show off a series of printers running its EcoTerra pigment ink as well as to demonstrate the high productivity Hyper machine.

  • Fespa and garment printing

    Fespa and garment printing

    Earlier this week I wrote about the main display graphics side of this year’s Fespa show so now I want to wrap up my reports from Fespa 2023 with a look at textile printing.

  • Kyocera jumps into textile market

    Kyocera jumps into textile market

    Kyocera has announced a new inkjet textile printer, the ForEarth, which marks its first entry into the textile printer market.

  • Kornit introduces smart curing

    Kornit introduces smart curing

    Kornit has introduced two new options for its Atlas Max range of direct to garment printers, including a new approach to curing the prints from the water-based pigment inks.

  • Polyprint introduces new generation DtG

    Polyprint, which has developed a range of desktop DtG printers, has announced a number of new products, including two new Direct-to-Garment printers the TexJet NG 120 and its slightly larger sibling, the TexJet NG 130. These are designed to compete against mid range industrial printers, which marks a new direction for Polyprint.

  • Fashion-Enter sets up Kornit manufacturing centre

    Earlier this month I visited Fashion-Enter, a garment manufacturer in North London, UK, that has invested in a couple of Kornit textile printers to establish a digital micro factory.

  • Blur invests in Kornit Presto S

    The Portuguese company Blur, which garments for high end fashion brands, has installed a Kornit Presto S and a few weeks ago I caught up with the company’s CEO Mariano Dias to talk about this.

  • Kornit opens new ink factory and acquires Tesoma

    Kornit opened its new state-of-the-art ink manufacturing facility in Kiryat Gat, Israel at the end of January and is hoping that this factory will be able to supply its consumables for the next decade.