Agfa updates StoreFront W2P

Agfa Graphics has released StoreFront 3.0, the latest version of its cloud-based web-to-print system. Andy Grant, Head of Software, Agfa Graphics, commented: “With the new releases, we focus more on the business side of web-to-print, enabling printers to create bigger, more efficient stores, operate in larger markets, support electronic document creation and distributions and handle various payment models and invoicing”

Amongst the new features is a HTML5 ‘carousel banner’ that is said to be easy to set up and can be used on mobile devices. There’s also a custom footer function that can be used to add contact data or payment and shipping information on store pages. These allow shop owners to either provide information to shoppers or promote specific products or services allows them to optimize their store for their needs and use it as a marketing tool as well.

StoreFront 3.0 now also supports price rounding either per item or for the total order value and business customers with stores aimed at international visitors have better control over international value-added taxes (VAT). In countries where it is customary to add a surcharge for credit card payments, such fees can now be added to the order total.

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