Agfa updates Storefront W2P

Agfa has updated its Storefront web to print system to v3.1 for both its Apogee and Asanti variants.

It includes several new features, including support for kitting, where several products are grouped into a single offering or kit. It also supports discounts and promo codes, which entitle discounts to users on one or more orders. There is also support for degressive option pricing, which lets a wide-format printer add options to a product and lower pricing based on volume of the sale.

John Spencer, Technical Manager for Printoff Graphics Arts, explains how Storefront can be used in practice: “Apogee StoreFront is offered as our ‘PrintBank’ platform, to create private password protected stores for business customers and organizations. We use it for our e-commerce stores in the educational market, a niche that we focus on. We will definitely be using product discounting in the new version from the get go.”

Customers have been able to monitor their online business but with this latest version they can now export order data from their entire order history as an Excel spreadsheet, making it easier to detect trends and to prioritise the most popular products.

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