DirectSmile offers to personalise your emails

DirectSmile, which has built a business out of supplying personalised images used mainly for printed marketing campaigns, has launched a new cloud-based web portal that generates personalised images that can be used with e-mails. This new service can be found at

Users can choose between more than 1200 different motifs and will also be able to generate millions of personalised images. Corporate users and e-mail marketing providers will be able to insert the images into their e-mail designs with minimal integration work. All that is needed is a simple API that allows the on-demand request of personalized images through a URL.

Christoph Clermont, head of Development, DirectSmile, commented: “While personalised images are an established method to add extra value to print pieces, e-mails marketers have been reluctant to use image personalisation due to the lack of easy accessibility and ability to handle high quantities of images. Our service was developed to let marketers and agencies use our technology without the need to host their own servers.”


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