Heidelberg updates CombiStar press units

Heidelberg has announced a new CombiStar combination unit for conditioning the dampening solution and controlling the temperature of the inking unit on its presses. The new version has more energy-efficient pumps and electronically controlled compressors that Heidelberg claims reduces CO2 use by up to eight metric tons or potentially up to 50 percent of energy costs.

Units such as the CombiStar are the third-highest consumer of electricity in a press after the main motor and the air supply system. In the case of presses with dryers, they occupy fourth place. In the new CombiStar, the inking unit pump for temperature control circulation is fitted with an electronically controlled drive and the refrigerating units now have an energy-efficient digital scroll compressor. Stepless adjustment of the refrigerating units to the cooling capacity required by the machine significantly boosts the system’s efficiency.

There’s also a Pro version with free-cooling technology, where colder outdoor air is used as part of the press water-cooling system, reducing the need to refrigerate the inking unit temperature control. The free-cooling function can optionally be integrated directly into the equipment cabinet of the CombiStar Pro from Heidelberg. If outdoor temperatures rise above 15°C, the active refrigerating unit is switched on in stages to assist cooling. From approximately 20°C, it provides 100 percent of the cooling capacity required. If the outdoor temperature drops, the active refrigerating unit is deactivated in stages. The efficiency of this system thus depends on the outdoor temperature, the design of the recooler – the bigger the better – and the temperature specified in the inking unit.

The CombiStar Pro is also equipped with the Digidos unit for high-precision metering of dampening solution additive and a device to measure the conductivity of the process water. This means the quality of the dampening solution and the fresh water can be evaluated. 

Further details from heidelberg.com.

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