DirectSmile updates cross media software

DirectSmille has released v6 of its eponymous cross media software, with improved CRM and Web to print capabilities. CRM systems can now be integrated into marketing campaigns, with bi-directional synchronisation so that any new data gathered from the marketing campaign can be automatically added to the existing CRM database.
There’s a new HTML-based web to print editor for online design of print documents. Visitors to websites that use the Editor will be able to personalise existing designs and to arrange their own layouts.
Another new feature, Professional Workflow, helps users to individually schedule the distribution of print data that are generated through web applications.
It also allows for search engine optimisation of websites. It is now possible to merge static content and interactive elements, such as surveys or contact forms, within one data-driven webpage. Advanced users of the new version will also have the ability to expand the range of functions even further by adding their own program codes to create new modules for dedicated tasks.


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