Callas updates pdfToolbox

Callas has updated its pdfToolbox product line to version 7, claiming “a significant step forward in making PDF quality control and production workflows more accurate”. The core PDF and font libraries in pdfToolbox have received a major update to improve speed and reliability of processing troublesome PDF files. The more compact and adjustable preflight report improves clear communication with customers, and the operator checkpoints allow manual intervention in automated workflows.
Files with potential problems detected in the server version can be set aside to be manually inspected in the desktop edition. Transparency flattening has been improved with updated Adobe libraries. There’s a completely new font engine that is said to be much better at embedding and sub setting fonts and at handling broken fonts.
Other new features include the ability to Crop pages to what is visible on the page, disregarding invisible or partially masked out objects for better performance, and removing non-visible areas and arbitrary page elements altogether. It can also remove all metadata from PDF documents for smaller files.
There are further preflight checks, including the exact number of separations in a file and whether given separations are identical or different between two versions of a PDF file.
It can accurately check the x-height of text, to comply with new EU regulation for text size on packaging material that requires this particular check (as the regulation is expressed using x-height rather than point size). It also supports the GWG 2012 specifications for ads and commercial print.
The desktop version costs €499, while the server edition starts at €3999. A fully functional time-limited trial version can be downloaded from

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