DRAM prices rise

Expect the price of DRAM memory chips to spike between now and December, following a huge fire at Hynix SK’s factory in China earlier in September. Hynix, which accounted for 30 percent of the DDR memory chip market in the second quarter of 2013, is the second largest manufacturer of memory chips in the world. According to Data Memory Systems, panic buying is also contributing to the slight shortage, with brands buying RAM memory in bulk in the immediate aftermath of the fire, then profiting off the back of it as prices rice.
Justin Briere, of Data Memory systems, says, “The predicted price rises for certain memory chips should not affect the market too much on the long term, and prices are expected to go back to normal after the festive period. The fire in China was on a large scale, but the recent news is that production is set to resume next month, so any shortage which occurred would only be for a very short time.”

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