First InfiniStream installed

Canon’s Océ subsidiary has installed the first of its InfiniStream liquid toner printers as the press starts its beta testing. This has gone to packaging printer Joh. Leupold GmbH, based in Schwabach, Germany, which serves both global brand owners and local German brands. Founded in 1890, Leupold provides folding cartons, point of sale displays and presentation boxes, and has a turnover of more than €30 million.
Bernd Assmann, Managing Director of Leupold, states: “During discussions with brand owners, it became evident that trends such as declining run lengths and increasing use of versioned products will become major challenges in the packaging value chain. Brand owners are requesting shorter turn-around times and faster campaign execution, as well as waste and cost reduction.”
Leupold has been involved in the development process from the start and Canon will continue to work closely with the company to prove and fine-tune the technology in the challenging market environment in order to ensure an optimum market fit.
Océ claims that the InfiniStream will match offset in relation to productivity, print quality and substrate versatility. It has a modular print tower architecture, with up to seven colours. Running at up to 120 metres per minute (394 feet per minute), it can produce output of up to 14,400 B2-sized (50 x 70 cm) or 7,200 B1-sized (70 x 100 cm) sheets per hour on a 28 inch-wide web. It can handle standard offset cardboard substrates up to a thickness of 600 microns.
According to Océ, the technology can be scaled up to larger formats. It should be competitive against offset for run lengths up to 3,000 to 4,000 B1 sheets.

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