Axaio updates MadeToPrint

Axaio has released a free update to its MadeToPrint Auto and Server programs, with new features including the ability to define different hot folders to automatically produce output from InDesign jobs dropped into those hot folders. Those hot folders can be assigned different priorities which determine the order in which folders are scanned by MadeToPrint.
The update also gains additional smoothing options when InDesign jobs are exported to PNG or TIFF images. In workflows where layers and layer views are used, an additional export option now allows exporting specific layer views by name to increase flexibility.
This update also comes with the pdfToolbox 7 engine for post-processing of the generated MadeToPrint PDF files. This version of pdfToolbox – released by axaio’s sister company Callas software in October 2013 – includes a number of new and advanced PDF checks and fixes that are now also accessible from within MadeToPrint. Users can choose the dedicated PDF profile for their requirements from a PDF palette to export their tailor-made PDF file.

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