Callas releases pdfPilot 6

Callas has updated its pdfPilot to version 6, which is widely used for validating and converting PDF documents. It uses the same PDF/A technology as used by Adobe in Adobe Acrobat.

Amongst the new features is the Object Inspector, that allows looking at the properties of the different objects used in the PDF. Thus the object’s main properties, such as colours and fonts used, are immediately visible, which is handy for tracking down problems.

Also new is the possibility to add GiroCodes to ZUGFeRD compatible invoices, the possibility to convert documents to PDF/A and PDF/X at the same time, and better support for PDF/UA, the ISO format for accessible PDF documents.

It’s now possible to embed multiple files into PDF/A-3 documents. PdfaPilot creates an overview or index page for those embedded files and it is now possible to use HTML templates to modify the look of these index pages.

The new version of pdfaPilot is immediately available and free of charge for all existing SMA customers. The server version costs €4,499, while the desktop edition is €379. Updates start at €129.

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