Agfa updates Arkitex workflow

Agfa has announced details of the latest version of its Arkitex Production workflow, used in newspaper prepress workflows. Its based on HTML5 meaning that the system can be accessed with full control from any computer platform that supports a browser.

New features include the ability to adjust image position on-the-fly in a template. Another new feature is called “Press Knowledge”, where an operator can choose to use a press-oriented look at the production run from the Arkitex interface.

It also comes with a number of add-ons, collectively termed Arkitex Enhance. These include IntelliTune for image enhancement and optimization, Veripress for soft-proofing at the press console, OptiInk for maximum ink saving, and Sublima screening for clear sharp images. There’s a new stand-alone OptiColor Server, which provides intelligent and automated colour transformations between print standards.

It will be available from early 2016 but a number of customers have already used it in beta. Maik Hosink, managing director at Grafschafter Nachrichten in Nordhorn, Germany, commented: “Arkitex Production is very stable. The single login is simple and gives access to all functionality. The ‘Flipbook View’ and the high-resolution preview help to make the daily production fast and reliable. We love the ability to see both pages and forms; it helps different users to structure the workflow process. In addition, the option to re-send ink zones is very helpful.”

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