Soyang launches two wide format media

Soyang is to show two new substrates at the Sign and Digital show this month. Sealwise is a printable rigid substrate available in a range of thicknesses and is printable on UV flatbed printers. Thanks to its closed cell core, it absorbs no moisture making it ideal for external installations. The core is made from 100% recycled uPVC and is completely recyclable. Soyang claims that the PVC component in the face material makes for good ink adhesion and scratch resistance and that when printed with sufficiently flexible UV ink it can be formed into shapes after printing.

So-Netic is a printable and easily replaceable magnetic wallcovering. Mark Mashiter, managing director of Soyang Europe, explains: “The positive impact this product can have in the hospitality and education sectors as well as retail environments – where there is a real need for PoS graphics to remain current – is massive and it offers great flexibility. Once the initial magnetic lining is in place, it can then be easily over-laid with repositionable drops of printable graphics which can be produced on any roll-to-roll latex, solvent or UV printer.”

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