Soyang boosts its textile portfolio

Soyang Europe has announced availability of a number of printable textile products developed by its Chinese partner, Soyang Technologies.

Soyang’s new ST-603 Polarlight is a 100 percent polyester backlit fabric for UV printing.

This includes the ST-217 Eclipse blockout material, which has a white reverse. Mark Mashiter, managing director of Soyang Europe, explains: “This market-driven release has been developed to meet customer demand. Available up to 3.2m wide, this triple layer textile weighs in at 310gsm and is ideal as a backing liner for textile tension frame systems, or for backdrop graphics printed with either dye sublimation or UV print technologies.”

There’s also a new backlit fabric, ST-603 Polarlight. Mashiter explains: “Polarlight is a coated backlit fabric that has been treated to make it print receptive and then coated again on one side with resin, which allows you to print UV on the coated side with high resolution.” It’s made from 100% polyester and has a smooth surface with good wrinkle resistance and good light transmission.

Soyang has also introduced 5m wide versions of two further printable textiles – ST-216 Nightstar and ST-601 Starlight. Mashiter says: “Starlight is our go-to backlit textile that works like a dream with UV and latex inks to create impressive lightbox displays. Now that it’s available up to 5m wide, we’re envisaging a positive uptake for grand-format applications and large, seamless backlit displays. Nightstar is a black back fabric ideal for backdrops. It has a slight stretch to the material which works well with frame systems.”

Soyang Europe is also selling GreenStrip Keder, a specially-formulated PVC-free keder for textile tension frame applications that’s been manufactured in Canada. Mashiter says. “There’s a very real demand for products to assist with the finishing of textiles, including those for lightboxes and frames and GreenStrip is an ideal solution. Its green credentials make it suited to retail textile applications where environmental responsibility is a hot topic.”

There’s also a new sublimation transfer paper, Transjet Boost, a coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks, especially suited for high speed printing. Mashiter notes: “Sublimation transfer printing is popular with some of our customers for use with stretchier materials and for those without direct sublimation hardware. Transjet Boost provides a great solution for enhanced colour release and densities along with excellent ink absorption and drying for our transfer sublimation customers.”

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