Soyang adds new textile and floor substrates

Soyang has added several new textile and flooring substrates to its European distribution for wide format applications.

This Grip Floor is a printable flooring substrate that comes with anti-slip certification.

Mark Mashiter, managing director of Soyang Europe, explained: “The textile market continues to grow and we have new backlit, black back and display polyester materials manufactured at our new factory in Haining, China, and also from our long-standing European partners.”

So there’s a new ST608 Athena Backlit material aimed at the retail and exhibition graphics markets that has a smooth textile finish. It’s available in widths up to 3.2m wide and can be used with both UV and latex printers.

There are two new printable textiles from Endutex, Terra 260 BW FR Black Back and Sirius Backlit, both of which comply with EN13501-1 fire classification procedure.

Terra 260 is a black back textile ideal for retail and exhibition graphics where there’s a requirement to have no light from the reverse, such as when disguising a supporting framework or concealing existing graphics. It’s available in widths up to 5m and can be printed with both UV and latex inks.

Sirius is one of the few backlit fabrics available in widths up to 5m. It’s suitable for extensive graphics and is also compatible with both UV and latex printers.

Soyang is also distributing two new floor products, Universal Floor and Grip Floor, both of which have fire retardance certification. Mashiter says: “Across all sectors, we’re seeing that printed flooring is playing an increasingly important role in commercial, industrial and even domestic environments and our flooring collection is expanding in response to this demand.”

Universal Floor is a short-term solution that combines a cushioned surface with printed graphics or designs. It’s available in widths up to 4m and can be printed through both UV and latex machines. It’s suitable for applications like exhibition stands.

The second flooring media, Grip Floor, is a long-lasting printable PVC flooring with a self adhesive backing. It has a rough surface and comes with anti-slip certification. It is available in a 1.05m width and is compatible with UV, latex and solvent ink types. It’s mainly aimed at the exhibition and retail sectors.

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