Sabur offers cheaper dye sub printer

Sabur, which specialises in supplying digital textile solutions, is to distribute the South Korean DGI FT-1604 sublimation printer in the UK. The company already supplies a number of other DGI printers.

DGI’s FT 1604 offers a cost-effective way to buy an industrial dye sub printer that can be upgraded with additional heads.

This new printer is part of DGI’s Fabrijet FT series; essentially it’s a slower, cheaper version of the FT-1608, which uses just four rather than eight Panasonic print heads and runs at half the speed at 56sqm/hr. However, it does share the rest of the features of the 1608, including the heavy duty take up, light weight paper usage and economical sublimation inks, as well as the same three-year warranty. Naturally, the 1604 can be easily upgraded to the same spec as the 1608 by adding four extra printheads.

The printer itself is a CMYK 1.6m wide dye sub that’s designed to print to transfer paper. The Panasonic heads deliver 3,8 and 11pl drop sizes with a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi. It’s supplied with a Wasatch TX textile RIP.

The 1604 costs £23,000. The main advantage is that you can start with the more affordable machine and upgrade it if you have the work to justify the cost.

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