DGI launches new dye sublimation printers

The Korean company DGI launched two new wide format dye sub printers at the recent SGIA show in America which will be coming to Britain, courtesy of Sabur Digital, one of the UK’s longest running suppliers of sublimation kit.

The DGI HSFT III is a 1.85m wide textile printer that ‘s designed for high volume applications such as home furnishings, fashion and sportswear.

The HSFT III is a high speed textile printer designed for volume users in the home furnishings, fashion and sportswear sectors. It’s a 1.85m wide machine printing direct to transfer paper. It uses Kyocera greyscale printheads with drop sizes ranging from 3-21 picolitres. There’s a choice of three heads and four colours, or four heads and six colours. It offers resolution up to 600 x 1200 dpi and print speeds of up to 250 sqm/hr.

The carriage uses a linear motor which should prove more accurate than a standard belt driven system. There’s a heavy-duty take-up system for jumbo rolls.

The second machine is the FH-3204, a 3.2m wide hybrid designed primarily for printing items such as flags and banners. It can print direct to textile or to transfer paper and features a detachable platen for working with mesh materials and a Vacuum platen for printing to paper.

Not surprisingly, this too uses Kyocera greyscale printheads, with the same 3-21 picolitre drop sizes. Again, it comes with three heads for CMYK printing with an optional fourth head to add two further colours. It runs at up to 95 sqm/hr for fabrics and up to 155 sqm/hr for paper with 600 x 600 dpi and offers maximum resolution up to 600 x 1800 dpi.

DGI also offers a mobile app that lets users monitor these printers in real time from their device.

Aaron Burton, Sabur’s Digital Development Director, commented: “DGI are noted for their reliability, production quality and speed, and that’s why we are proud to supply a range of their products. They’re also market leaders in technical innovation too, and this is shown by both the DGI HSFT III and the FH-3204 offering real-time production updates through their dedicated app.”

Sabur is hoping to have both of these printers available in its South Yorkshire demo centre before the end of the year.

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