DGI launches entry-level sublimation printer

2nd June 2020

DGI, which hails from South Korea, has expanded its range of sublimation printers with a new entry-level model, the Hercules, designed to print to transfer papers. It’s primarily aimed at sports and fashion apparel as well as soft signage.

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A stitch in time

13th May 2019

HP has officially launched its 3.2m production dye sub printer, the S1000, following on from the earlier, smaller S300 and S500, so it’s time to look at why HP has jumped into the textiles market, and why it chose to do so with these particular printers.

The HP S1000 is a 3.2m wide dye sublimation printer that will print direct to transfer paper or fabric.
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Sawgrass updates sublimation design software

7th January 2017

Sawgrass has updated its CreativeStudio Online Designer and Print and Color Manager software to offer better functionality, increased efficiency and new tools. The CreativeStudio software is part of the Virtuoso HD Product Decorating System and Sawgrass claims that it is the only online design software created for sublimation production. Continue reading “Sawgrass updates sublimation design software”