Put a sock in it

19th August 2019

One of the more niche printers that I saw at this year’s Itma show was the Ginga sock printer from Ichinose, which can produce personalised socks. Ichinose is part of the Japanese Toshin Kogyo company, which mostly develops conventional textile and screen printing machines.

Ichinose showed off this digital Ginga sock printer.
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Epson launches new textile printer and inks

22nd July 2019

Epson used last month’s Itma show in Barcelona to announce new additions to its Monna Lisa range of textile printers as well as a new series of Genesta pigment inks.

Paolo Crespi, direct to fabric sales and marketing director for Epson.
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Durst shows fifth generation Alpha

8th July 2019

Durst has introduced the latest version of its textile production press, the Alpha Series 5, in both the 190 and 330 versions, with the 330 version on show at the recent Itma exhibition. The new Alphas feature a number of improvements including a new advanced digital pigment ink for waterless one-step production.

Durst has made improvements to its Alpha series textile printers, with the introduction of the fifth generation of these machines.
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MS launches Mini Lario

3rd July 2019

MS Printing Solutions, which is part of the Dover Digital Printing portfolio, used the recent Itma show to launch its Mini Lario textile printer. MS says that the printer has been developed to fill a gap in the market between its LaRio and JPK-EVO printers in terms of speed and return on investment. 

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Mouvent launches TX802 textile printer

25th June 2019

Regular readers will know the Bobst subsidiary Mouvent for the series of inkjet label presses that the company launched in 2017 at the last European LabelExpo. But Mouvent’s first printer was the TX801 textile machine and at Itma Mouvent launched a faster version, the TX802.

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Kornit aims to simplify textile production

24th June 2019

Kornit formally launched its Presto roll fed textile printer, which does away with the need for both pre- and post-treatment, as well as a new Konnect cloud-based analytics service.

Kornit launched the Presto direct to fabric printer, seen here with its dedicated drying and curing unit.
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Kornit announces new NeoPoly inks and printers

22nd May 2019

Kornit has announced new NeoPoly ink technology as well as a new direct to fabric printer, the Presto, a high volume industrial printer that does away with the need to pre- and post-treat the textiles, and does not consume any water in the printing process.

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