Tag: Textile printing

  • Polyprint introduces film transfers

    Polyprint has announced a new direct to film textile option for use with its TexJet DtG printers called DTF Xpress, that allows users to produce textile transfers to avoid the need to pretreat DtG garments.

  • Epson expands F10000 dye sub range

    Epson has introduced a new large format dye sublimation printer, the SC-F10000H, which is basically the existing 1.9m wide F10000 but with two extra printheads so that it can print six colours.

  • Do-it-yourself Web-to-Print

    Despite the growth of textile printing, there are still very few examples of this sector using web to print software mainly because digital printing is still a very small percentage of the overall textile market and has to fit into the established supply chains.

  • New installations at Imacx, Duma Druck, VGL and Se-Da

    Roundup of some of the recent installation stories: Last year, Imacx, based in Lisbon, Portugal, installed an Onset X1, a high volume wide format printer manufactured by Inca Digital but sold by Fujifilm. Imacx, founded in 1998, specialises in producing large format, point-of-sale retail signage and displays. 

  • Mutoh launches XpertJet 1682WR dye sub

    Mutoh has announced a new wide format dye sublimation printer, the XpertJet 1682WR, which replaces the already discontinued ValueJet 1638WX. It’s designed to print to transfer paper up to 1625mm wide and is aimed at the interior decor, sportswear, promotional products and soft signage markets. 

  • Farbenpunkt develops textile ink

    Farbenpunkt has developed an interesting textile ink called Peracto that promises to be more sustainable than other alternatives as there’s no requirement for pretreatment or for washing post printing. Ricoh has been so taken with this development that it’s stocking this ink through its own sales network. 

  • Polyprint adds mask option

    Polyprint, which makes a number of desktop direct-to-garment printers, has developed a snap-on platen to help its customers print masks, called the 2-IN-1 ‘Fit & Flat’ Snap-On, face mask platen.

  • Moti Fabrics invests in Mimaki Tiger

    Moti Fabrics, based in Pakistan, has installed three Mimaki Tiger-1800B MkII textile printers to adapt to changes in the textile industry.

  • Epson reorganises for industrial textiles

    Epson has announced a new entry-level industrial textile printer, the Monna Lisa 8000, but the real significance of this printer is that it will be built in Japan rather than Italy and that it signals Epson’s intention to aggressively grow this market.

  • Epson launches SureColor F10000 textile printer

    Earlier this summer Epson announced a new wide format sublimation printer, the SureColor SC-F10000, that promises much higher productivity and should start shipping in the UK shortly.

  • Polyprint introduces PreTreater

    Earlier this summer Polyprint introduced a new machine, the PreTreater Pro, which is primarily designed for use in conjunction with direct to garment printers.

  • Epson merges European textile subsidiaries

    Epson is planning to merge its two European textile subsidiaries Fratelli Robustelli and ForTex, both of which are based in the Como region of Italy and specialise in direct to fabric printing.