Kyocera announces new textile printhead

Kyocera is to launch a new inkjet printhead specifically for textile printing. The new head has an effective print width of 112mm with one head able to print two colours.

The head has been designed to be robust enough to cope with the normal problems associated with textile printing, such as fabric being caught or device errors occurring from shocks when feeding the fabric. Thus it has a highly rigid metal nozzle plate, side guards with enhanced shock resistance and it’s been designed to prevent ink mist bouncing back from the fabric to clog the nozzles.

It operates in temperatures between -20 to 80°C and can handle being dipped in high-temperature reactive ink. Although Kyocera has flagged textile printing as the likely market, it obviously follows that it should be suitable for other industrial markets, particularly if it can handle long term exposure to corrosive inks. Kyocera will begin mass production later this month.

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