EFI buys Shuttleworth MIS

EFI has continued its relentless acquisition of MIS with the announcement that it has now bought Shuttleworth Business Systems Ltd, one of the major UK systems, a move which is bound to improve EFI’s showing in the UK market.

Both companies are privately owned so there’s no reason for either to disclose the terms of the deal, though EFI has said that it won’t affect its end of year figures.

As with previous acquisitions, Shuttleworth’s staff will now join EFI, with EFI pledging to support Shuttleworth’s customers. Naturally EFI will also now attempt to sell its other products to those customers.

Indeed, it seems unlikely that EFI will stop buying MIS vendors until it effectively owns the entire market. Given that MIS have the potential to play a very central role within a print production workflow, this potential monopoly should be setting alarm bells ringing across EFI’s competitors.

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