Xaar printhead used for personalized medicines

30th April 2019

Added Scientific, a research company based in Nottingham, UK, has used Xaar’s 1201 printhead in a study to test the suitability of inkjet printing in the manufacture of personalised pharmaceutical pills, where dosages could be tailored to individuals on an industrial scale.

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Meteor launches printhead waveform service

Meteor Inkjet, which mainly develops electronics and software to drive industrial inkjet printheads, has now announced a new collection of services for ink characterisation, print reliability analysis and printhead waveform development and optimisation.

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Ricoh announces new industrial printheads

4th March 2019

Ricoh has announced a new MH5320 series of printheads, which is aimed at industrial applications, including wide format graphics and textile printing.

This Ricoh MH5320 is a greyscale printhead capable of producing drops from 5 to 15 pico litres.
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