Epson, printheads and partnerships

2nd March 2020

A few weeks ago, whilst in Japan, I met with Minoru Usui, president and CEO of Epson, who has largely been responsible for overseeing the development of the company’s thin film micro piezo printheads, including the latest generation PrecisionCore heads.

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The IJC pt2: From printhead modules to the new KM1280iMHH-S

12th November 2019

Since this story is a direct follow-on to last week’s story about new printheads, it seems sensible to start with Konica Minolta’s new KM1280iMHH-S, as discussed by Paddy O’Hara, director of business development for Industrial Inkjet, or IIJ.

Paddy O’Hara, director of business development for Industrial Inkjet.
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The IJC pt1: new heads from Kyocera and Epson

5th November 2019

Regular readers may have noticed that I was unable to post any stories last week, mainly because I was in Düsseldorf for the Inkjet Conference, or IJC, which offers an excellent forum for anyone interested in inkjet technology.

Steve Knight of The IJC with Sabine Geldermann, director of Drupa and head of print technologies for Messe Dusseldorf.
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Xaar losses lead to thin film exit

30th September 2019

Xaar has published its interim results for the first half of this year, with even more red than most of my old school reports, and which has prompted the company to give up on its thin film piezo printheads. 

Xaar’s 5601 is a thin film silicon MEMs printhead suitable for aqueous applications.
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Memjet announces DuraFlex printhead

9th September 2019

Memjet has released a brand new printhead, the DuraFlex, which is based on some of the technology used in its top of the range DuraLink printheads, but with four colour channels in a single printhead. As with the DuraLink heads, it takes aqueous pigment inks but the head itself has four channels for CMYK, whereas the DuraLink heads just have a single channel each. 

Memjet has developed new DuraFlex printheads with four colour channels and available in both A3 and A4 sizes.
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Xaar printhead used for personalized medicines

30th April 2019

Added Scientific, a research company based in Nottingham, UK, has used Xaar’s 1201 printhead in a study to test the suitability of inkjet printing in the manufacture of personalised pharmaceutical pills, where dosages could be tailored to individuals on an industrial scale.

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