Mutoh announces new industrial printers

21st January 2020

Mutoh has expanded its range of small format flatbed industrial printers, with two new additions, the XpertJet 461UF and XpertJet 661UF. These sort of printers are typically used for printing to things like phone covers, as well as personalized gifts and promotional items, such as pens, lighters and USB sticks, as well as prototypes and samples. 

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Agfa to demonstrate aqueous ink industrial print

4th October 2019

Agfa has worked with the Dutch company Unilin to develop water-based inkjet solutions for manufacturing laminate flooring and furniture, which it will demonstrate at next month’s InPrint show in Munich, Germany.

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EFI expands its industrial printing

3rd June 2019

EFI has teamed up with the German company Robert Bürkle, which has developed a range of finishing systems, in a move that will help EFI make its Cubik inkjet printers more atractive to the wood decorating industry. 

The new EFI Cubik S1800 is a UV LED printer designed for industrial wood decor production.
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Roland announces LEF2-200 industrial printer

11th March 2019

Roland has announced a new printer, the VersaUV LEF2-200, which as the name suggests is an updated version of its existing LEF200 though it’s not really clear in what way Roland has improved this printer, other than changing the colour of the cover from green to white. 

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Ricoh to acquire LAC inkjet

30th October 2018

Ricoh is set to buy LAC Corporation, which is said to have unique inkjet technology that supports printing on three-dimensional surfaces. Ricoh has already identified industrial printing as one of its three growth strategies, and this acquisition will help with that. Continue reading “Ricoh to acquire LAC inkjet”

Kao Collins shows off Xbar print module

5th October 2018

The ink company Kao Collins has shown off a new print module and controller at last week’s Print 18 show in Chicago, USA, which is mainly aimed at high volume single pass labelling and industrial applications. Continue reading “Kao Collins shows off Xbar print module”