HP adds HDNA printheads to web press

HP has rebranded its Inkjet Web Presses as HP PageWide Web Presses to underline the new High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) printheads. Thus there are now two new 42ins/ 106cm inkjet printers, the T480HD and T470HD. The printheads use HP’s dual-drop-weight architecture and have 2,400 nozzles per inch with built-in nozzle redundancy.

These presses have maximum print speeds of 244mpm and 183mpm respectively using the printhead’s single drop weight. But both also have a higher quality mode, using dual drop weight per colour, to run at 122mpm. HP says that this allows for sharp text, fine lines and smooth colour transitions and that this will open up new applications in areas such as colour trade publications, medical journals, posters and banners up to 108 inches long, as well as high-end retail brochures and catalogs.

The new presses should start beta testing later this year, with installations due to start around May 2016. Customers can upgrade their existing inkjet web presses with these new printheads, also in 2016.

HP also announced Print Beat to help web press customers visualize and analyze press performance according to print volume, operating efficiency, system health score, press restart rate and maintenance score.

HP has also demonstrated a 22-inch duplex priming solution, which makes coated offset media inkjet compatible, while lowering the cost per print.

In addition, HP announced some enhancements for its Indigo 7800 digital press. This includes media fingerprinting, 3D color calibration, spot colour refinement and some additional colour management tools for matching to colour standards such as Fogra or Gracol. The Indigo 7800 also gains a new Optimizer on-press production management tool that helps manage the print queue, prioritize print jobs, plan substrate usage and improve efficiencies.

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