Tag: Printheads

  • GIS to support KM1024a heads

    Global Inkjet Systems, which is best known for developing drive electronics, is now supporting two further industrial printheads from Konica Minolta, the KM1024a SHE and KM1024a LHG-RC with drive electronics and software in response to customer demand.

  • Ricoh introduces TH6310F thin film printhead

    Ricoh has announced a new thin film piezo-electric printhead, the TH6310F, which is described in the press release as “the flagship model amongst Ricoh’s family of industrial inkjet printheads”.

  • Xaar introduces new Irix printhead

    Xaar has announced a new printhead, the Irix, which is a direct evolution of Xaar’s existing 128 platform and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the 128. But whereas the 128 was primarily aimed at coding and marking, the Irix also targets wide format graphics and additive manufacturing applications.

  • Xaar acquires FFEI

    Xaar has acquired print systems developer FFEI for an initial cash payment of £3.7 million, which reflects existing FFEI free cash reserves, with an additional £5.4 million deferred consideration to be paid out over three years. Xaar expects that the expertise of the FFEI staff will drive long term profitable growth in its core printhead…

  • GIS to support Epson D3000

    Earlier this month I reported on Epson’s latest printhead, the D3000 A1R, and now Global Inkjet Systems has announced that it has developed drive electronics and software to support this head.

  • Xaar launches Nitrox printhead

    Xaar has introduced a new printhead, the Nitrox, a direct replacement to the 1003 that was first announced back in 2016, and which is capable of print speeds up to 100mpm at 720dpi resolution. 

  • Fujifilm introduces Samba DMP cartridge

    Fujifilm Dimatix has announced a Samba cartridge for use with its Dimatix Materials Printer, the DMP 2800-series. The DMP is a useful tool to help press vendors test their inks and develop their printing engines without having to first build a full scale printer.

  • Meteor to support Epson i3200

    Meteor Inkjet, which develops drive electronics and associated tools for printheads, has expanded its support for Epson’s printheads with a new set of tools for working with Epson’s PrecisionCore I3200. 

  • GIS to support Toshiba Tec CF3 heads

    Global Inkjet Systems, which is best known for supplying drive electronics for a range of printheads, has developed solutions to support Toshiba Tec’s CF3 head.

  • Under the sun

    This is the final part of a trilogy of stories based on an interview with Xaar’s CEO John Mills. In the first two parts we’ve looked mainly at printheads, thin film and bulk piezo, but those printheads should also be considered as part of a bigger solution.

  • Ricoh introduces TH5241 printhead

    Earlier this summer Ricoh announced a new printhead, the TH5241, which is the first Ricoh head to use a MEMs thin film piezo actuator and has been designed specifically for industrial applications.

  • Brother develops industrial printhead

    Brother has taken a radical new step into industrial printing by developing a brand new printhead, the BitStar, which is at the heart of Domino’s Generation 7 print technology and appears in the brand new N730i label press.