HP announces T235 inkjet press

HP has launched a new T235 HD PageWide Web Press, filling out its entry-level T200 series. It’s designed as a low cost option that can be upgraded to the more expensive T240 HD, which offers better productivity.

The new T235 retains the same shape as the T230, seen here at the 2015 Hunkeler event.

It’s a continuous feed duplex press capable of producing 122mpm in Performance mode.  It uses HP’s High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA), giving it 2400 nozzles per inch and a dual drop ability – essentially a form of greyscaling. Thus in Quality mode, with dual drop weight droplets, it can print 61mpm. HP says that this gives seven levels of half-toning per color, and finer grain printing for smoother skin tones, gradients and secondary color solid fills.

Eric Wiesner, general manager, HP PageWide Industrial Division, commented: “With the introduction of the HP PageWide T235 HD, it’s easier for more PSPs to make the analog to digital transformation.”

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