Heidelberg expands Cloud offering

Heidelberg has worked with PTC, a US-based specialist in cloud technology, to expand its web-based services.

The two companies have worked together before, with Heidelberg’s original web-based machine connection in 2004 also based on a solution from PTC. This has grown considerably with over 90 percent of the units delivered by Heidelberg now connected to the cloud when they are first installed. The Heidelberg cloud already links over 10,000 machines and a further 15,000 software products to the Heidelberg service portfolio.

Over the years Heidelberg has added further services to the original remote maintenance offering. This includes he automatic failure notification system eCall as well as a Predictive Monitoring service that can analyze data and identify signs of malfunction and irregularities before they lead to failures.

As Harald Weimer, member of the Management Board responsible for Heidelberg Services, explained: “The collaboration between PTC and Heidelberg is based on a trusting relationship. The PTC Machine Cloud provides us with an excellent platform for supporting the continuous growth we have seen in the area of smart services in recent years.”

Heidelberg has now added a new Performance Plus consulting service to boost productivity. This is part of an overall concept, Smart Services, based on the principles of the Internet of Things. This owes a great deal to the sheer size of the PTC Machine Cloud, with some 25000 devices and software connected in Europe alone.

Heidelberg will show off a new concept at Drupa, Heidelberg Assistant, essentially a web portal to show business data to customers. Gerold Linzbach, CEO of Heidelberg, explained: “The key challenge in the future will be providing our customers with the information they need from the masses of machine data available – to profitable effect. This means turning big data into smart data to make our customers more competitive.”

PTC’s European hub is in Frankfurt, meaning that it’s subject to the EU’s stringent data security directives. The cloud data center is ISO 27001 and TRUSTe Privacy certified.

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