Kyocera expands IoT business

6th April 2016

Kyocera is expanding its Software Laboratory, which is responsible for combining hardware and software technologies across several diverse fields including components for automotive, electronic and semiconductor applications as well as industrial cutting tools, printing devices and energy solutions. Ultimately this will form part of Kyocera’s Internet of Things (IoT) business. Continue reading “Kyocera expands IoT business”

Storm clouds:

21st March 2016

Storm clouds:
One of the themes that emerged from the recent round of pre-Drupa press briefings was for greater use of cloud computing. It’s not a new concept – we’ve all been making greater use of web services and cloud storage but many vendors are now proposing a much closer integration between their production and admin systems and their cloud services.
That’s all well and good so long as you can easily access the Internet. But having suffered several days of turmoil thanks to multiple failures from my service provider’s network I’m inclined to be a bit cautious when it comes to relying on web-hosted services for anything that we might regard as mission-critical. But maintaining any redundant alternatives could easily wipe out the savings from using the cloud in the first place!

Woodwing develops Content Cloud

17th September 2015

Woodwing, which specializes in enterprise-level DAM software, has developed a cloud-based centralized hub for publishers called Content Cloud which promises unlimited storage as part of its services. It’s billed as a single solution for content creation, production, archiving, sharing and analytics. Continue reading “Woodwing develops Content Cloud”

Woodwing reveals cloud-based authoring tool

29th June 2015

WoodWing Software has launches a cloud-based HTML authoring tool called Inception. It means that users can can directly publish through various online portals such as Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles or any Web CMS. It creates HTML5 content and is compatible with Google´s new mobile-friendly algorithm. Continue reading “Woodwing reveals cloud-based authoring tool”

Adobe builds Document Cloud for Acrobat

18th March 2015

Adobe has extended its cloud services to now include documents, with a new Document Cloud option, designed to maximise the use of its Acrobat software. There’s a new cloud-based version – Acrobat DC – that will be available both via subscription and one-time purchase. Continue reading “Adobe builds Document Cloud for Acrobat”

Xerox launches C60/C70 printer

15th September 2014

Xerox has announced a raft of new products including two new production printers – the C60 and C70. These run at up to 60 and 70ppm respectively, and up to 75ppm in monochrome. They offer 2400 x 2400 dpi resolution with enhanced front-to-back registration accuracy. Continue reading “Xerox launches C60/C70 printer”