GMG launches Cozone

GMG has launched a new service, CoZone Collaborate, to enable users to work together for proofing and approving projects online. CoZone is the name of an overall platform that extends the company’s existing colour management tools to include a cloud-based element, which will be modular, with Collaborate being the first module. This allows project participants to manage, review, proof and approve graphic arts content and by the end of 2013 – multimedia content – within an online Amazon Cloud Service hosted soft-proofing environment. As with most true cloud services, users need only a web browser to use the service, and there’s no restriction on the number of users, file sizes, or even storage.
Marcus Wright, CoZone Product Manager at GMG, explained: “Adopting a more distributed and collaborative methodology that exploits the clear benefits of the cloud when producing content means easier, faster and more streamlined output, which is good for the industry as a whole.”
GMG has said that future CoZone modules will allow seamless connection to GMG-calibrated hard-copy output devices, delivering an end-to-end color-accurate workflow.

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