GMG updates ColorProof to v5.11

GMG has released ColorProof 5.11, which now gains automated notifications of new software updates as well as support for Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1. 

GMG ColorProof includes this Go cloud-based app for monitoring jobs and printers.

ColorProof is a soft proofing tool said to be suitable for contract proofing. It includes colour profiles that comply with all the common standards and can automatically produce a proof label and control strip when used with a measuring device. It can simulate spot colours, and cope with expanded colour spaces and also supports remote proofing via FTP or WebClient. It uses hot folders so that it can fit into an automated workflow. 

GMG complements it with a range of branded proofing media.

With this new version, ColorProof notifies users of any new updates, or patches, when the program starts up, so that users can then install them with a single click, which also takes care of any necessary restart of the software. GMG says that it will separate out major software updates to minimize the amount of time this process takes. 

ColorProof includes an integrated RIP, which is based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) so there’s an obvious benefit in updating this to the latest APPE 5.1 version, which includes support for PDF 2.0.

Jens Bloeck, the product manager for ColorProof, commented: “Automated notification of new patches may sound simple, but it’s an important tool for the workflow and the daily work of our customers. The update to Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1 is also a benefit – it enables our customers to be on an equal level with technical progress.”

ColorProof also includes a new web-based proofing tool, ColorProof GO, which enables users to monitor their job processing and printers from any location. This is also updated, so that now the job list includes job name, printer, and current status, as well as details such as image names, proof conditions, verification status, dimensions, and colour channels. 

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