Epson updates wide format aqueous printers

25th September 2015

Epson has announced details of four new wide format printers, all using aqueous inks. Epson is in the process of phasing out its Stylus Pro range so these are branded as SureColor P printers and are targeted at the proofing, fine art and photographic markets.

Phil McMullin (and friend), announcing the new SureColor P range, including this ten-colour 44ins P9000.
Phil McMullin, UK sales manager for Epson Prographics, (and friend), announcing the new SureColor P range, including this ten-colour 44ins P9000.

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Felix Schoeller meets Fogra 51 standard

24th September 2015

Felix Schoeller Digital Media, based in Osnabruck, Germany, has released a range of seven new proofing papers, six of which comply to the latest Fogra 51 standards with the seventh expected to follow shortly. The six papers are microporous resin-coated papers plus a special-coated matt paper, marketed under the product name Trust. They are suitable for all types of proofs for offset, gravure and screen printing. Continue reading “Felix Schoeller meets Fogra 51 standard”

GMG launches Cozone

31st July 2013

GMG has launched a new service, CoZone Collaborate, to enable users to work together for proofing and approving projects online. CoZone is the name of an overall platform that extends the company’s existing colour management tools to include a cloud-based element, which will be modular, with Collaborate being the first module. This allows project participants to manage, review, proof and approve graphic arts content and by the end of 2013 – multimedia content – within an online Amazon Cloud Service hosted soft-proofing environment. As with most true cloud services, users need only a web browser to use the service, and there’s no restriction on the number of users, file sizes, or even storage.
Marcus Wright, CoZone Product Manager at GMG, explained: “Adopting a more distributed and collaborative methodology that exploits the clear benefits of the cloud when producing content means easier, faster and more streamlined output, which is good for the industry as a whole.”
GMG has said that future CoZone modules will allow seamless connection to GMG-calibrated hard-copy output devices, delivering an end-to-end color-accurate workflow.

X-Rite releases i1Profiler v1.5

25th July 2013

X-Rite has launched i1Profiler v1.5, targeted at premedia, prepress, photo and print shop customers. This now makes use of Device Link profiling, which is rapidly being accepted as the most effective way to colour manage multiple presses and proofing devices. Users will need an i1Pro2 spectrophotometer to use the device link profiles, but current customers will qualify for a free upgrade.
It also includes: M1 support for the i1iO in spot mode; support for the Hutch Color (HCT) targets for scanner profiling; support for the Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge CMYK for large format printing; and enhanced display and projector profiling.

GMG updates ColorProof

18th July 2013

GMG has updated its ColorProof colour management and proofing solution to v5.5. GMG says that it has rewritten the software to improve processing speed, cutting in half the time used create a new job from selecting the file until it’s ready to print.
ColorProof also gains an automatic alert via multiple emails, to warn an operator to load paper, calibrate a printer, or fix a job error. There’s a new Manual Job Manager that offers a toolbar for the most common commands. Job status is clearly indicated with a green, orange or red color, giving the operator instant feedback. A new Database View now shows color-related information such as proof standards and spot colors, while a separate view provides configuration settings.
Michael Farkas, Director Business Unit Graphic Arts at GMG, says: “Customers working with packaging will benefit from the enhanced handling of white ink and transparent areas when proofing on foil, along with enhanced integration with GMG OpenColor. And, GMG DotProof users will find a much sharper dot along with GMG ColorProof’s accurate colour.”
There’s also a new Remote Poofing Edition, essentially a cut down version for viewing print-ready jobs, which costs 20% less than the regular ColorProof.