Esko updates software platform to 18.1

Esko has updated its software platform, which underpins a number of its software offerings, meaning that several programs have all gained additional functionality.

Esko’s ArtPro+ PDF editor gains object-based trapping.

Thus ArtPro+ new benefits from a patented new trapping concept that  tags upfront how a file should be trapped regardless of print process. There’s also expanded support for Action Lists and brand new Dynamic Marks, which reduces the time operators need to create or amend print sheet layouts.

The Automation Engine prepress workflow gains support for the new trapping modifications and Dynamic Marks and can also connect to the Esko Cloud. The Device Manager has been updated and comes with a new optimized merging algorithm that should cut down on the waste of flexo plate material. There’s a new ‘Optimize File’ task that consolidates three existing tasks into one thereby simplifying the user experience, while the new update also now enables Esko Automation Engine users to work with native PDF files, including the use of processing steps in PDF.

Jan de Roeck, Esko’s Director of Marketing, Industry Relations and Strategy, explains: “The update supports Esko ArtPro+ templates for web and sheet layout creation, so a fully native PDF workflow can be set up. This eliminates the need for any file conversion and related complexity of file processing and therefore simplifies the workflow setup and maintenance”. He adds: “It also extends the graphic capabilities of classic workflows with new PDF action lists and powerful Dynamic Marks, enabling all users to automate repetitive prepress tasks without the need for scripting or programming skills.”

Cape Pack, Esko’s palletization software that optimize product and case sizes for shipping, gains an online Truck Analysis feature that lets users complete their pallet load formatting and then fill a virtual truck to identify and analyze different logistical solutions.

For Share and Approve Esko has added Customized emails, reporting on approval KPIs to the base version as well as a new Forward Approval function whereby a user can invite another person to approve files instead of, or in addition to, themselves.

ArtiosCAD has gained features to optimize the nested layout for digital production and for die cut tooling production. De Roeck adds: “The latest DWG and Spatial library for integration with Solidworks is also available and ensures Esko ArtiosCAD maintain its number one position as the professional’s choice for structural packaging design and manufacturing.” It can also now automatically fix common anomalies identified in Esko ArtiosCAD Preflight, which should save structural designers time by eliminating the need to manually search for design flaws and make corrections.”

De Roeck concludes: “We value the dialogue we have with our customers in advisory boards and inner circle meetings because only with an intimate understanding our customer’s needs will we develop software that answers even the most challenging demands.”

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