Esko updates software platform to 18.0.1

Esko has issued an update to several of its software programs, which collectively form the Esko Software Platform. Esko says these programs are tightly integrated and generally upgraded at the same time. 

Esko’s ArtPro+ is a native PDF editor aimed at packaging prepress users.

However, this update mostly reads like a list of things that weren’t ready earlier in the year. Thus there’s now a 64-bit MacOS version of ArtPro, which is a packaging prepress editor. Esko also says that customers with a maintenance contract are also entitled to a complimentary copy of ArtPro+, Esko’s native PDF editor for packaging pre-press jobs. In addition, the Automation Engine workflow server can now handle ArtPro+ action lists to automate various prepress tasks. 

The Imaging Engine RIP, which is based on Adobe PDF Print Engine, now includes In-RIP Prepare for viewing, giving users more control over the quality of their RIP’ed files on the fly, during the RIP’ing process. Geert De Proost, Esko’s director of solutions marketing, says this is important in high volume short run work, noting: “It eliminates the need for the process to be completed as a separate task in Automation Engine, and helps premedia operations handle increased throughput.”

Esko also says that the software platform is now fully compatible with Creative Cloud 2019, including the Studio, DeskPack, and Dynamic Content plug-ins. ArtiosCAD can now be used to quickly create new variants of displays or other multi-part designs, with users starting from a single resizable canvas design template.You can find further details on the Esko website

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