Pressero picks pricing from Presswise

Aleyant, which has developed the Pressero web-to-print system, has worked with SmartSoft, which has created the Presswise workflow and MIS, to pass pricing information between the two systems.

Will Riley, Alliance Franchise Brands’ Workflow Systems Analyst.

In practice, this means that Pressero can pick up pricing information from the Presswise pricing database when an estimate is requested or an order is placed, so that it can give real-time, accurate pricing from a single database source. As such, it builds on the existing integration between the two systems.

Joseph Lehn, Director of Product Management at SmartSoft, explains: “When Aleyant built the initial integration, they included our nomenclature, so it made it much easier to integrate than your typical third-party storefront. The new pricing integration is a natural evolution of what our mutual customers were looking for. No one has time to do their day job these days, much less build something new. So we worked together with Aleyant to do it for them. One of the biggest headaches any printer with a storefront has is how to deal with pricing in two different systems with two different sets of logic. This integration solves that problem for them.”

This development was driven by a request from a customer, the Print & Marketing Division of Allied Franchise Brands, which uses both Pressero and Presswise. Will Riley, Alliance Franchise Brands’ Workflow Systems Analyst, says that this has given the company the most robust pricing integration so far, adding: “We always tell our franchisees that these types of integrations enable us to say ‘yes’ to our customers. We expect this to make the Pressero/Presswise combination even more attractive to our top centers. Two of them have already been looking at the pricing integration as the final puzzle piece and are excited about rolling it out. As it relates to our WorkStream initiative, this integration delivers a huge advantage and can be implemented without a lot of customization.”

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