Esko updates ArtPro+ software

Esko has released an update to v18.1 of its ArtPro+ PDF editing software, which can take ArtPro and normalised PDF files and output them as native PDF, complete with their metadata. 

ArtPro+ 18.1 now allows graphics to be warped in a non-destructive way to compensate for distortions in the packaging production process.

This now also appears to support the latest PDF ISO 19593‐1 specifications for preserving processing metadata. There’s a new ‘Repeat for Separations Mark’ that allows users to create a repetition of the selected objects in the separations of the job, including Text Marks and Custom Marks. Esko says that in the next release there will be a new Repeat by Count Mark to place multiple copies of the mark.

It allows graphics to be warped in a non-destructive way to compensate for distortions in the packaging production process with a new Warp Grid layer. Esko says that some customers have developed warping grids and that ArtPro+ will protect these. In addition, customers will be able to use any PackEdge or ArtPro grids in ArtPro+ for warping new designs, and the latest algorithms create higher quality pre-deformation allowing for design changes even after the warping process.

It also gains Smart view modes that alert the operator to avoid mistakes and the software flags violations of breakout and total area coverage limitations. There are dedicated layers that prevent conflicts between the design and technical information, avoiding die lines knocking out, for example. It can also detect for moiré

Esko has also added new PDF Action Lists, including Convert to CMYK, Update Barcode and Reorder layers. Esko has also added three new smart text variables for handling inks, and you can now see a preview of the source content used to create the dynamic marks, and can edit those marks. There have also been improvements to the trapping, with Esko saying that this is more consistent and there’s less disruptive trap direction switching. It’s also now possible to modify the entire trap chain in one go.

It also gains support for the common CF2 CAD format for one-up preparation and sheet layout, though you will need an ArtPro+ Essentials license to open these files, and an Advanced license for more advanced layout work.

Frank Woltering, Product Manager Graphical Editing at Esko said: “PDF editing is a critical stage in the prepress process, known for introducing errors that create waste downstream. Our latest version of ArtPro+ is specifically designed to boost operator accuracy and efficiency by creating a highly productive user experience. For example, it ensures a full clear view of the document at all times without toolbars clogging the screen. For those new to the software, this means very little training is required to perform even complex tasks.”

You can find more details on ArtPro+ here.

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