ZRP installs first Landa S10 in Asia Pacific

ZRP, a large Chinese packaging supplier, has installed a Landa S10 inkjet press at its factory in Zhongshan, becoming the first to do so in the Asia Pacific region. 

Chinese packaging specialist ZRP has become the first company in the Asia Pacific region to install a Landa S10 nano graphic press.

ZRP began as the Zhangjiagang printing factory in 1978 before becoming ZRP in 1990, headquartered in Zhongshan. The company now has three other sites in Tianjin, opened in 2003, Kunshan, founded in 2009 and Shenyang, set up in 2013. It serves a range of markets, including Food, medicine, personal and home care and electronic applicances. It operates a range of printing technologies, including offset, digital, flexo, silkscreen and gravure.

The Landa S10 is a single-side B1 press using Landa’s nanographic process, which is essentially a form of drop-on-demand inkjet. It uses a water-based ink, with the otion to use up to eight colours. It’s a 1200 dpi sheetfed press, using off the shelf substrates and taking sheets up to 750 x 1050mm, in thicknesses from 60-800 microns. It’s capable of producing 6,500 sph and is aimed primarily at folding carton and POP/POS applications. ZRP will use it to deliver short to medium-run packaging for its large customer base of Chinese FMCG businesses.

Huanran Huang, CEO of ZRP, comments: “It fills us with pride to be the first Chinese company to install and operate a Landa S10 press, and to offer the benefits of this technology to our customers. With a strong focus on service innovation, we believe that cutting-edge technologies are key drivers for business growth and differentiation, and early signs suggest that the Landa press will give us that. Our customers now have the ability to order medium-run jobs for the first time, with incredible color vibrancy and all the logistical and environmental savings that ordering what you want, when you need it, delivers.”

Yishai Amir, Landa’s CEO, says that the company spent the second half of 2019 setting up the infrastructure to support customers in China, including opening a local office in China. 

You can find more information on ZRP here, and on the S10 from landanano.com.

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