Edelmann to start production with Landa

The Edelmann Group, one of the first customers to install a Landa inkjet press, has now announced that its almost ready to start commercial production with its Landa S10 press.

Edelmann shows off its Landa S10 inkjet press.

Edelmann specializes in packaging solutions for health care, beauty care and consumer brands, with seven sites in Germany and a further 14 facilities in countries across Europe, Asia, North and South America. In 2018 the company produced over 5.6 billion packages and leaflets with sales of over €300 million.

 Oliver Bruns, CEO of Edelmann Group, said that he had not seen any other technology that came close to the S10, adding: “This is not just a supplier-customer relationship, it’s far more. I love the colour from our S10, but crucially, the Landa technology allows us to get a good ROI and that’s just as essential. High speed and great efficiency enable us to earn money with the press.”

Edemann has been a beta test site for Landa, and the press is still officially in beta though Bruns says he expects that Landa will conclude the beta testing in the next few weeks.

He commented: “Before installing the Landa S10, we were limited in the solutions we could offer our customers. B1/41 in. digital printing with seven colors and at 6,500 sheets per hour has eliminated these previous constraints. The S10 installation has been a great success, and we now expect to be out of beta in a matter of weeks.”

You can find more details on Edelmann here and on Landa at www.landanano.com.

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