Macdermid introduces new corrugated flexo plate

MacDermid Graphics Solutions has announced a new Edge addition to its range of Lux ITP photopolymer flat-top dot flexo plates, which is meant for corrugated use. 

MacDermid has introduced the Lux ITP Edge flexo plate for post printing to corrugated.

The Lux ITP Edge is designed to print high quality images with fine highlight dots on post-print corrugated. It can reduce fluting without having to resort to additional platemaking techniques or exposure systems. MacDermid says that it can achieve close to 1:1 reproduction up to 120 lpi and good results with minimal bump requirements up to 150 lpi.

Lux ITP Edge is formulated with MacDermid’s patented clean plate technology, which reduces the number of press stops and ensures a cleaner print with better ink laydown. Patented clean plate technology is proven to increase quality and consistency, enabling printers and converters to stay competitive with their print methods.

These plates, which are available now, are supplied in thicknesses from 2.84mm to 6.35mm, and in sheets up to 1270 x 2032 mm. They can be used with water and alcohol based inks, but its not recommened to use oil-based inks, hydrocarbon solvents or inks with acetate content higher than 20 percent. 

Dan Fry, Corrugated Portfolio manager at MacDermid, says: “Lux ITP Edge is a culmination of multiple innovations from MacDermid with Lux ITP flat-top dots, anti-fluting technology, and our patented clean plate technology. This new plate meets a need of today’s market to produce high-quality graphics for retail-ready packaging.”

You can find more details on the Lux ITP range, including the new Edge plate, from

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