Xaar announces new 502 family of printheads

Xaar has launched a new range of drop on demand printheads, the Xaar 502 family. The first instance of this will be the 502 GS15 O, which is optimised for coding and marking applications.

It has a wide print swathe of 70.5mm and is capable of both binary and greyscale printing. It can print drop sizes from 15-75 pL, with up to 6 grey levels. It’s said to be capable of printing fine text, quality graphics and smooth images on porous or semi-porous outer packaging and cardboard.

It makes use of several technologies that we’ve seen in recent Xaar printheads, including the PrecisionPlus actuator design, which gives better drop velocity, drop volume and drop placement profiles. The 502 also includes Xaar’s TF Technology, which can be run in Pulsed mode, and recirculates ink behind the nozzles during non-printing periods.

The O in the title is to signal that the 502 GS15 O is compatible with oil-based inks, including Xaar’s own black mineral oil-free (MOF) SunJet IK822. This ink is designed for use on secondary packaging, including porous and semi-porous substrates, and can be easily de-inked for recycling.

Xaar says that this head is designed for printing high quality late-stage product identification such as text, product data, bar codes and graphics onto secondary packaging or directly onto shaped products and primary packaging.

Simon Kirk, senior product manager at Xaar, explained: “Today brand owners and retailers expect to be able to put larger, more detailed, more brand-orientated product identification text and graphics onto their packaging. Another key driver for manufacturers is to have more control over ink usage while delivering higher resolution print on cardboard. This new wide-swathe greyscale inkjet printhead delivers the superb performance needed to achieve this.”

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