MapleJet uses Xaar head for coding and marking

MapleJet, based in Toronto, Canada, has developed a new series of coding and marking printers, the ProDigit 70, designed for printing to porous substrates such as corrugated boxes.

The MapleJet ProDigit 70 is a coding and marking printer using a Xaar 502 GS15 O printhead.

For this printer, MapleJet has switched from disposable thermal inkjet printheads to a piezo design from Xaar, in this case the 502 GS15 O, designed specifically for coding and marking applications, and which should promise a much longer service life. Of course, the key to that service life is the maintenance to keep the nozzles from becoming blocked. To this end, the 502 GS15 O printhead boasts an optimised nozzle guard to support automated maintenance routines, which should help to increase the life span of the printhead. It uses Xaar’s TF through flow Technology, which can recirculate ink behind the nozzles to reduce the risk of the nozzles becoming clogged. It also uses Xaar’s latest actuator design, PrecisionPlus, which has a long throw distance that allows for printing in multiple orientations including the Skyscraper or vertical printing mode that MapleJet uses.

The head offers a 70mm print swathe, which MapleJet refers to as the print height since the head is used vertically. It can print in two channels, each with separate messages. It comes with a controller, complete with colour touchscreen, and can save up to 499 messages and six pre-loaded fonts.

The ProDigit 70 printer can produce up to 58 linear metres per minute. The printhead has a maximum resolution up to 180dpi.

This head uses oil-based inks with a choice of black, red or blue. It uses a 500ml ink supply system but MapleJet is planning to offer a one-litre bulk ink option shortly to allow for longer continuous operation.

Homayoun Shahrestani, CEO at MapleJet, comments: “The MapleJet ProDigit 70 is the latest printer in the ProDigit range, and raises the bar in terms of quality, reliability and sustainability. It is the ideal choice for companies looking to replace their carton label printers as it can print high-resolution codes directly onto cartons and operate at line speeds of up to 58 mpm, all using the one Xaar 502 GS15 O printhead, thereby significantly reducing waste compared with TIJ-based systems.”

You can find further detail on the ProDigit 70 at

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