Stratasys launches J55 3D printer

Stratasys has announced a new 3D printer, the J55, that’s aimed at design offices producing prototypes and looks to be about the size of a small fridge freezer. 

he Stratasys J55 has been designed to fit into design offices.

It builds on Stratasys’ existing J800 PolyJet series, but is much smaller, and said to be about a third of the price. It has a new print system where the head remains static and the build platform rotates beneath it, which should allow greater output from a small footprint. This also allows it to produce very realistic textures with horizontal layers down to 18 microns and an accuracy of around +/-100µ, which varies depending on the size of the object. The build area itself is up to 1174 cm3 and with a build speed of 18.75µm.

It can print from up to five different materials at the same time, or to be more accurate, one main material – Stratasys’s Vero, which is available in six different colours including CMYK, white and clear – plus a cheaper draft grey material. This allows it to produce highly realistic prototype models with a palette of around 500,000 colours, including 1900 colours from Pantone libraries and the option to print full colour images. It also uses soluble SUP710 for support. Stratasys says that there’s no odour from the printer – thanks to a ProAero filtration system – and very little sound, around 53db, roughly similar to a home fridge.

Omer Krieger, Executive Vice President of Products at Stratasys, says that it was designed to transform the produce development process, noting: “Not only does the J55 fit the budget of virtually any product design team, but the quality of the parts you can 3D print are best in class. It’s so simple that anyone can set it up and use it, and it’s so quiet you’ll forget it’s running.”

Naturally, the J55 supports the GrabCAD Print software and can import most common 3D CAD files, including the latest 3MF file format. Stratasys says that it will also add support for 3MF colour workflows through KeyShot 3D rendering software from Luxion Inc, which is still in development but should be available by late 2020.

The J55 should be available from July 2020, depending on how the current pandemic plays out. Stratasys is taking orders now though has not yet confirmed a price for it. You can find further details from

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