Heidelberg expands home charging system

Beside the printing presses, Heidelberg has also quietly developed an interesting side line in industrial solutions, including its Wallbox Home Eco charging systems for electric cars. The company has been selling these in Germany for the past two years and has now expanded this to sales across Europe.

Heidelberg’s Wallbox charging systems are designed for charging electric cars.

In addition, Heidelberg has also developed a new variant, the Wallbox Energy Control, which also offers dynamic load management so that the charging current can be split evenly between multiple vehicles. There’s an obvious benefit in this for simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles for fleet management as well as for offering a commercial service in public car parks. 

The Energy Control system can also be set up to charge from a photovoltaic system and can be integrated into a home energy management system using the Modbus RTU industry standard. This would allow it to be integrated into a domestic system for renewable energy. 

Rainer Hundsdörfer, Heidelberg’s CEO, explained: “It was the success of our charging technology in Germany that encouraged us to start sales in the key core markets of Europe. Customers benefit from the high quality of the Heidelberg power electronics familiar from printing press engineering in combination with good value for money. The ADAC also confirmed these two selling points to us in its last comparison test.”

The Wallbox can be configured from 2.1kW up to 11 kW of charging capacity. As the name suggests, it is designed to be mounted to a wall though Heidelberg also sells stainless steel column is also available as an alternative to wall mounting. Heidelberg has had some success with its Wallbox, which has become one of the highest selling charging systems on Amazon Germany and has been lauded in several German comparison tests. 

The original Wallbox Home Eco costs from €499. It is available now in various countries across Europe, including France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Holland and the UK, all through Amazon though there is also a dedicated website at www.heidelberg-wallbox.eu This is run by Leuchtmittelmarkt Räbel eK, which specialises in lighting and electrical engineering and is the European sales partner for Heidelberg’s charging technology. 

The Energy Control variant will be available from the third quarter of this year and will cost from €790. Heidelberg has also said that it is planning to add other charging devices such as a premium product with intelligent communication technology that can also be integrated into smart homes.

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