Stratasys launches new Objet260 Dental 3D printer

Stratasys has announced a new 3D dental printer, the Objet260 Dental 3D printer, which is based on the PolyJet triple-jetting technology and can 3D print three different materials on a single tray. It’s aimed at mid-sized dental labs and can produce surgical guides, models, and appliances for a variety of patient requirements.

This Stratasys Objet260 3D dental printer can print three different materials.
This Stratasys Objet260 3D dental printer can print three different materials.

Stratasys is positioning this as an affordable device that can lower the cost of 3D production. It can be used in single-material mode for shorter change-overs and reduced material waste. In addition, it can be upgraded to Stratasys’ dental selection range of next-generation digitally mixed materials.

It’s been shown at the LMT Lad Day event in Chicago this weekend, where Stratasys will also demonstrate two new products for dental labs. The first is a flexible biocompatible material, MEDFLX625, designed for PolyJet printers to custom mix both flexible and rigid biocompatible materials where it can be used for short-term, direct contact with patients. This would suit applications like indirect bonding trays. It can also create both surgical guides and soft-tissue implant models during a single print run.

Stratasys will also show its new Pop-Out Part (PoP) technology for removing dental part supports, specifically clear aligner arches. This should make it possible to manually remove up to 500 parts per hour, per operator with minimal investment in equipment or labour.

Mike Gaisford, director of Healthcare Solutions at Stratasys, commented: “There’s no denying the power of 3D printing for digital dentistry to significantly decrease turnaround time, reduce labour costs, and provide new streams of revenue. Multi-material 3D printing pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in dentistry today, while unlocking the next-generation of applications for tomorrow.”

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