Simian to install first Dutch Landa

Simian, a web-to-print company based in the Netherlands, is to install a Landa S10P inkjet press in the second half of 2020, which will be the first Landa press in the country.

The production hall at Simian’s plant in the Netherlands.

Simian, which was founded in 2008, operates out of a 35,000 sqm site located in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. The company employs 180 staff, serving over 500,000 customers in Belgium and the Netherlands, with an average of 1,000 customers ordering printed jobs every day. It operates three brands, Reclameland, and Flyerzone.

Wouter Haan, CEO of Simian, comments: “Like any modern business, we don’t make investment decisions without going through a comprehensive due diligence process. And actually, this is the bit I really like – I love data. This information had already identified gaps in our operations where we could make efficiency improvements, but it has also shown us that we were losing margins on jobs that sat between the cross over point between our digital and offset technologies. We knew that if we had a new technology that was better suited to those run lengths, we would make more money.”

He continued: “This is when we began to look at what was out there. We started with other inkjet as well as offset presses, but having seen the Landa S10P, we realized that nothing compared to its print quality and total cost of ownership. And for a numbers guy, the S10P ROI calculation was very compelling.”

The S10P is a B1 1050mm wide sheetfed press complete with perfector for double-sided printing for general commercial printing, such as advertising, direct mail and high-end magazines. It uses Landa’s nanographic process, which essentially combines inkjet with an offset approach and is capable of producing 6,500 sheets per hour. It can be configured with four to eight colours and prints in 1200 dpi resolution.

Haan explains: “The first time I saw the S10P in Israel, I was blown away by the colour. It was so bright and vibrant, plus the print quality was outstanding. I’m used to the print quality delivered by our other digital and offset presses, but the Landa is on another level.

“I was then recently invited to see the S10P in operation at Bluetree in the UK, and for a second time, I couldn’t believe what I saw – 6,500 sheets per hour printing consistently and with incredible colours. Seriously, that press prints on a B1 sheet like nothing I’ve ever seen. We look forward to receiving our own Landa press later this year.”

Simian is planning to use its Landa to take on all of its current digital work, which is currently done on a number of HP Indigo presses, as well as a third of the offset jobs from its Komori and Heidelberg presses in a bid to increase its margins. The company says that it will also be able to offer new applications such as printing onto foil and large format graphics. The company already uses a mix of Mutoh rollfed, Canon 8000S aqueous ink and Canon Océ Arizone flatbeds large format printers. 

You can find further details on Simian here, in Dutch, and Landa here

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